Remember when the operator x was for multiplication? Then for a while it was just a dot. Now it’s nothing, no symbol indicating multiplication. The dot became dot product and the x became cross product, both of which are some crazy vector jive. 

So why the fuck did we ever use x operator to begin with?

You’ll see in a movie like a chalkboard covered in symbols and weird shit that’s supposed to seem like an exaggeratedly indecipherable mess of equations to the audience, but I’ll take a step back from a lecture’s worth of E&M notes and that’s exactly what physics student deals with.

The Black Panther Coloring Book, 1968.

Created by the FBI and sent to white families across the country. It was a somewhat effective effort to discredit the Panthers as any sort of valid political movement and reinforce the opinion already held by a lot of white people at the time, that Huey P. Newton and his organization were psychotic militants who killed white people and cops indiscriminately. via. VICE

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